Pro Tools Tutorials

Since 2016, I 'm writing graphically enhanced tutorials in the "Pro Tools Basics" series for the Pro Tools Expert website, the number one independent Pro Tools user site in the world with over 5 million visits per year.

Edit Selections

In this tutorial, we will have a closer look at the so-called Edit Selection in Pro Tools. Remember, before you can use an edit command to edit Clips in the Tracks Area, you have to make a selection to tell Pro Tools what Clip(s) are the target of a specific edit command. Also, you have to be aware that there are two variations, Time/Lane-based Selections and Object-based Selections. So which one do you choose?


In this tutorial, we will have a closer look at the Nudge feature in Pro Tools. It is as simple as pressing the plus or minus key to move a clip to the right or left. However, it has a ton of variations and hidden features worth exploring and waiting for you to incorporate it into your workflow.

Target Windows

In this tutorial, I will look at a special kind of Pro Tools window, the "Target Window". What is it - how does it works - how it is different from other windows and especially:  How does it help me to speed up my Pro Tools workflow?

Time Displays

In this tutorial, I will have a look at something very fundamental in Pro Tools, the Time Displays. There are lots of small and big (mostly green) numbers displayed everywhere for various purposes, but they all fall into two categories, "Time Locations" or "Time Durations".

Track Types

In this tutorial, I will discuss the various Track Types in Pro Tools. Track Types are one of the key elements in understanding how Pro Tools works, how it translates the concept of a hardware mixing console into a virtual mixing environment. I will demonstrate that with easy to understand signal flow diagrams.


In this tutorial, I will discuss a sometimes confusing term, the Bus. It is an essential element in the architecture of a mixer. One obstacle is that books or DAWs often use different terminology or have a different understanding what they consider a bus, and Pro Tools is no exception. This article will hopefully provide some clarification to get a better understanding about that topic.

Audio Clips vs. MIDI Clips

In this tutorial "Audio Clips vs. MIDI Clips", I will have a look at the fundamental differences between Audio Clips and MIDI Clips. Although they share many similarities and tasks when dealing with them in Pro Tools, not being aware of their differences can result in surprises and major headaches when working in Pro Tools.

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