Puttin’ On The Ritz,” the famous Irving Berlin song, made Taco a huge music sensation in the 80s. His version topped the charts all over the world. Then 1987 saw the release of his last studio album. If you still like the smooth voice that made Taco famous and want to hear one more song from that era ...

... here’s a special treat!

The song "Timeless Love" is a power ballad that I wrote and produced with Matthias Muentefering back in the late 80s in Berlin, Germany. We recorded the song with Taco and female vocalist Rozaa Wortham. After so many years, this long lost original track comes to light. We remixed the song in 2011, applying a few touch-ups while still keeping the 80s vibe alive. Now this rare gem is available exclusively as a download single. Once more you can enjoy Taco’s great voice that made him so popular around the world.

And here is a little video to the song

Taco: "Timeless Love"