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Most of my books are available in following formats:

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PDF File

Interactive Multi-touch iBook

Printed Book

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The content of a book is the same in all three formats. Only the Enhanced iBooks have an additional interactive glossary with up to 600 terms.



The  formats are separate purchases. Apple and Amazon won't allow any cross-promotion or bundling of books. Only the pdf files are available as bundles  on this website so you can order multipe books at a discounted price.

Interactive Multi-touch iBooks


The interactive multi-touch iBook, also referred to as "Enhanced iBook" and marked with the "Made for iBooks" logo on the iBooks Store, is a special format. It provides a truly engaged learning experience - the best learning experience available.

The Best

Most Efficient

Most Easy and Fun

Learning Experience

🔸 These iBooks are especialy formatted with high-resolution images.

🔸 The iBooks can be viewed on iOS devices (iPad, iPhones) and on macOS using the iBooks app.

🔸 Unlike other eBook formats, the Enhanced iBook displays a fixed page layout the way it was formatted by the author, but also provides a dynamic scroll view.

🔸  All my books contain a glossary that also includes graphics so you can even study an application going through the glossary terms if you like.

🔸 The glossary terms are highlighted throughout the content of the book and tapping (or clicking) on a link opens a popup window with the glossary entry so you can stay on the page without going back and forth.

🔸 Glossary terms can automatically be made into electronic flash cards.

🔸 You can highlight text and add comments, view them combined on a separate page, and they can also be included in the flash cards.

Flash Cards


Popup Window

You can download a free Sample copy of each book on the iBooks Store before you buy it


Kindle Book

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My iBooks released after June 2020 are in standatd EPUB Format !