Pro Tools | First 12 - How it Works (Graphically Enhanced Manuals)

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Pro Tools | First 12 - How it Works

434 pages |  8.5x11 |  pdf file: 125MB | 2016-1004

"Pro Tool | First 12 - How it Works" is the first full-featured manual, the best book to start learning this free version of Pro Tools. No previous knowledge required.

Even if you use the paid version of Pro Tools, this book covers most of the features and workflows of the standard Pro Tool version, so you can get up to speed with version 12 or version 2018 of any Pro Tools.


Graphically Enhanced Manuals (GEM) are a different type of manual with a visual approach that helps you UNDERSTAND a program, not just LEARN it. No need to read through 500 pages of dry text explanations. Rich graphics and diagrams help you to get that "aha" effect and make it easy to comprehend difficult concepts. The Graphically Enhanced Manuals let you master a program much faster with a much deeper understanding of concepts, features and, workflows in a very intuitive way that is easy to understand.

Edgar Rothermich's books are one of the greatest publishing values I have found. - SpectrumReader

”You have the gift of making difficult concepts understandable” - William B.

Thank you for making learning a joy - Paul S.

Your book is awesome - Geoff S.

I found your manuals simply remarkable - Scot C.

The level of detail and clarity of presentation are better than anything else that I’m aware of. - Edward C.



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